You can do this. You can get that promotion. You can run your own business. Don't let your limiting belief stop you to achieve what you want.

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. But you’ve got to escape those negative thoughts.

Don’t let your mind get the better of you. Follow our advice on why we experience limiting beliefs and how to change them, resulting in leading a better life.

It’s never too late.

  1. Love What You Do

Do you find it difficult to get out of bed for work? Are you always craving the weekend or your next holiday?

Find out what activities make you want get up early. It could be going for a run, sewing, writing or singing.

Have you ever met someone who’s happy, but has no energy? No!

What you do during the day has an impact on your energy levels.

If you’re miserable during the day, whether it’s because of your nine­to­five or your long commute, it can bring down your motivation.

What do you love and how can you do more of it?

  1. Just Do It

If you spend your days thinking about your workload or endless t­­odo lists, you’re likely a serial procrastinator.

You just need to get stuff done! How hard can it be, right?

If you’re a perfectionist, that can be hard.

Start by setting aside specific times to complete tasks. It doesn’t matter how little they are – from cooking dinner to hanging out the washing, make a schedule and stick to it!

  1. Switch Off from Technology

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in a day?

No time to do the things you love? Perhaps you’re just resistant to change.

This ties in with procrastination. Are you actually too busy, or are you just avoiding doing something?

You’ve got to figure out why you feel busy. Are you saying ‘yes’ too much at work?

Or can you never switch off?

When you get home, try turning off your mobile and other technology. Just switch off. Just for an hour. Notice how your mood improves.

  1. No Skills? That’s downright stupid!

You won’t know unless you try. Not applying for a job because of a lack of skills or experience is crazy.


We put ourselves at the bottom of the ladder, thinking we’ll work our way up. And then we get a mortgage, bills, a family … and soon enough, you’re 40 and still at the bottom.

An unwillingness to take risks will see you stuck at the bottom of the food chain. No-­one ever became the next Elon Musk or Bill Gates because they sat at a desk and accepted orders from their grumpy boss all-­­day, every day, for the rest of their lives.

Take risks and upskill!

  1. Small Leaps Over ‘Gigantic’ Ones

Just because all your friends are leading successful lives with big families in cities you’ve never heard of, doesn’t mean that’s where you should be too.

There’s no set timeline for your life. There is no certain age you’re supposed to have kids or be retired.

Life is what you make of it, and continuously comparing yourself to others will not get you anywhere.

Put simply, time is not running out.

You don’t always have to take a gigantic leap of faith.

Let’s say you want to learn a new language. Instead of signing up for a $10,000 course, practice with some cue cards and aim to learn one word a day.

Over a year, you will have learnt 365 words!

Learn two words a day and you’ll know more than 700 words!

Breaking up big tasks into smaller, more easily accomplishable activities will make things seem a lot less daunting.

  1. Don’t Let People Bring You Down

That lingering thought of repaying your mortgage, then the electricity bills, the water, the phone, the internet … it just never ends!

And if you don’t have a job, how are you going to stay above water, financially?

How will I look after my children?

These are common thoughts. And they often go around in circles.

These are the essentials. But what about old friends or family members who constantly bring you down?

You don’t need them in your life, or their problems that they constantly unload on you.

Surround yourself with positive people.


  1. You Can Be Anything

Ten years ago, did you think you’d be where you are?

Chances are … no.

No-one can predict the future, but what does the next five or ten years have in-­store for you?

You can shape your destiny by figuring out the person you want to be, or even certain projects you want to complete or ‘bucket list’ destinations you’ve always wanted to go.


  1. Take the Leap Of Faith

It’s all well and good to offer advice. And it seems simple to just apply it to your life.

  • Stop procrastinating and just do things.
  • Just quit your job.
  • Do things you love.

But what if you’re not sure? What if you don’t know what you love or what your ideal job looks like?

You’ve got to figure out who you are. What were you put on Earth to do?

Nothing is impossible! There's only i'm possible. If you change your mindset by following these 8 tips, you will surpass the barriers of your own beliefs.

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