Are you stuck in the gutter? Feel like you can just never get your life together?
Here’s our advice on the types of mindsets to scrap if you want to live a more fulfilling and positive life before you even begin to manifest abundance.

1. Not My Fault

You can’t blame others for your problems. Your bank denied your loan. Your cat ran away. Blaming others will never solve your problems; it might even make you more miserable.

The universe is trying to gently push you into a certain direction. Let it happen.

Be grateful for your environment; friends, family and colleagues. Be the kind of person you want to meet!

2. Spending Money on Junk

Do you really need to purchase a bottle of water from a service station? It’s likely it’ll be more per litre of water, than the petrol!

I’m not saying cut your credit card up, but create a simple budget to control the amount of ‘free’ money you have each week.
Or even simply writing down everything you spend money on over a week will likely change your spending mindset.

Don’t get me wrong – you can still buy stuff! But purchase things that will last and you’ll be happier for months … rather than only for five minutes munching on that greasy burger.


3. Comparing to Others

It’s important to surround yourself with inspirational and self-motivated people; but constantly comparing yourself to them will never help.

Do everything at your pace. There’s no set timeline in life. You don’t need to have kids or a family by a certain age.
You don’t need to be anywhere at any particular time; other than at a place that makes you happy.

By being yourself, you will serve as an inspiration to others.


4. Envy

This is similar to comparing yourself to others. You look at others and get frustrated because of their accomplishments and your … well … uhh … not so accomplishments.

But that’s exactly the problem! Don’t focus on the negative, switch your mindset and offer warm praise to your friends, family and colleagues.
Show you’re happy for them and they’ll help you to accomplish your dreams.

Standing in the way of someone else’s successes will make you seem selfish.
This will lead to negative experiences in your environment; with a lack of social support.

Just let the good vibes flow and celebrate everyone’s wins.


5. Gossip

Whether you gossip yourself or constantly wanting your friends and family to gossip to you … it’s not good for anyone!

It’s toxic. Imagine that if someone’s gossiping to you; what are they saying behind your back?

By engaging in drama and being an active listener; you’re not helping anyone. People are only talking to you because they think you enjoy the gossip.

It’s time to ditch the negative mindset of complaining about every little thing that goes wrong; and every odd movement someone else does.

If one of your friends cheated on their partner, it’s no-one’s business but the couple’s (or ex-couple).


6. Mayhem

It’s time to take out the trash in your life; physically and mentally.
Making your bed in the morning is a great way to start your day..

Or even waking up five minutes early and spending that extra time sweeping the floor or taking some rubbish out of your car.

Once you’ve ticked off the physical clean-up, it’s time to look at your mind.

What are you constantly stressing about? Money? Family? Upcoming events?

Reduce your workload by working as a team; at home and at work. You can’t do everything yourself and it’s OK to ask for help.

Once you get rid of all these negative traits, you'll be prepped in starting your journey to manifest your abundance.