It has been a great month for me. I can brag about this because I have been at my optimum mental state thanks to this amazing smart drug. I have just started as a part-time freelance content writer.

After eight months of content writing, things became overwhelming for me. I had a lot of clients, and I had to deal with a lot of bulk works every day. In no time it became very difficult for me to concentrate, think creatively, or even have the energy to do all that work at all. It became difficult to deliver my gigs on time as I used to. I lost two clients before I sought help.

I googled the internet concerning what I was going through, and I stumbled upon this “smart drug”. Blame it on ignorance, but I ordered it after reading two reviews. I knew I was taking a risk, but after I noticed the amazing results, the risk was worth the while.

About The Product

In this review, it is vital that we take a look into deeper details about what this smart drug is all about. In reading many reviews, one will be exposed to this drug in a more detailed manner that will lead to better judgments.

SmartX is a brain supplement that has been thoughtfully formulated using special ingredients that help to boost the functioning of your brain to enhance your quality of life.

Typically, SmartX will help improve your focus, boost your concentration, increase your ability to remember things with ease and precision, boost the energy levels of your brain, improve your moods, and protect you from mental fatigue. This supplement has been made using clinically tested and approved ingredients making it safe for human consumption and effective at enhancing your mental abilities

It is a popular supplement because it is effective in what it does. It has been able to surpass the expectations of people by unleashing the best levels of brain functionality for a lot of people.

Does SmartX Work?

I am sure that you are reading this review to know exactly whether this drug works or not. Well, the answer is a Yes.  I have been able to see great results in my life ever since I started using this smart drug. There are many other testimonials online that affirm that it works. I took it upon myself to search for reviews to see whether other people are experiencing the same results as me and I realized that they do. There are a lot of positive feedbacks about SmartX supplements, and it is encouraging to know many people are witnessing its benefits.

Other than people’s testimonials, looking at the ingredients; I found out that each ingredient has an active role in ensuring your brain’s functionality is enhanced. These ingredients are clinically tested and approved to be effective. Therefore, there is no doubt as to whether they work or not.


My Personal Experience With SmartX

As I stated earlier, I took a chance that paid off for me.  At first, I was skeptical, and I thought I had bought some illegal steroid, and I knew if my parents knew about it they would kill me. That aside, I have been able to see my mental abilities flourish and become better by the day.

Every morning I woke up and take a pill, after a few minutes I feel the difference. It felt like my mental energy is building up, my mood is getting lighter, and all ready to go head on for the day’s tasks. Right now I can handle more work than my original capacity. It is easy for me to stay focused for many hours without getting fatigued mentally.

This has been a very amazing journey with SmartX. I can balance my freelance work and my full-time day job with a lot of ease. My memory never fails me, and I am excelling in all areas of my life. You can be like this too.


Pros: Why You Should Buy This Product

This is an amazing product and an efficient one. But why exactly should you buy this drug?

SmartX can improve your moods making them brighter thus increasing your productivity. When you are in a gloomy mood, then you can be sure that your life would not be great. This will make you unproductive.

It enhances your ability to memorize information. This is very crucial because knowledge is power and when you cannot remember things with precision, then you will lose a lot.

The ingredients used are of high quality thus ensuring that you get the expected results because of their working ability. They are also very essential and dependable for brain boosting action.

Enhanced brain functions by increasing the levels of acetylcholine which is a crucial neurotransmitter. This will enhance the intercellular communications making responses in the body fast and effective.

Reduces stress and anxiety and consequently their effects because it helps you to feel calm and collected.


The Cons Of SmartX

There are a lot of benefits and pros that can be said about SmartX. Even so, that does not mean that it lacks a few cons. This drug has two sides to it. Even so, it is important to note that the brighter side shines more.

The only cons I noticed about this supplement is that it contains lots of caffeine that might cause jitters to some users. This could be the reason why some people would opt for a different alternative to this drug.

Other than, this I have not seen or come across anything alarming or suspicious about this smart drug.


How Does SmartX Work?

This review will show you how SmartX works so that it can give you the results that it gives. The secret of its effectiveness is locked in its ingredients.

In a nutshell, SmartX enhances brainpower by boosting circulation of blood to the brain to help to increase important nutrients, revitalizing the core neurological system for energy along with cognitive agility, not to mention it'll also disrupt harmful toxins from damaging the neural pathways.

With the support of other components, the smart drug will enhance your memory making it sharp as well as improve your concentration. To further understand how it works, it is important to look at its ingredients.


What are SmartX Ingredients ?

The different elements that make this drug what it is and causes it to function excellently are as follows.

Bacopa Monnieri:

This is a herb that has been used over the years to enhance the mental alertness that a person needs to stay attentive for longer periods of time.


This is also a herbal product that is associated with memory enhancement making it easy for you to remember things without struggling.

Huperzine A:

It is usually widely used to deal with dementia, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, as well as other brain disorders. Huperzine acts as a Neurotransmitter Body Guard by stopping Acetylcholinesterase from eliminating acetylcholine , an essential neurotransmitter

Schisandrin A:

This is an essential ingredient to protect against mental fatigue in addition to improve the performance of white blood cells , that offers a variety of health benefits for the user .


This helps you to sleep better so that you get enough rest after a long day of hard work.


This component has always been known to assure highly effective interaction between neurons in the brain. If ever things go amiss in the brain , it basically indicates neurons were unable to transmit the appropriate communications with the intention to finish a particular task.


It is a stimulant that increases mental alertness


Why SmartX Is So Popular ?

There are loads of reviews online, and this review would be one too. The reason SmartX is indeed popular in today’s marketplace is because of its actual success rate. The main reason everyone would most likely tell you about something a lot is usually that it happens to be either good or it is bad. In this instance, SmartX was spoken about all over thanks to its amazing benefits .

Additionally it is well-liked because it tend to be quite easily accessed in addition to being reasonably priced . This is certainly an advantage to the people .

On top of that it consists of several the major ingredients which are normally used in make brain boosters which ensure it is a quite reliable supplement .


Is SmartX A Scam?

This is one question that lingers in the minds of everyone, and that is part of the reason why you are reading this review as many others who are reading reviews.

This drug is not a scam. We have already established that by taking a look at some of the ingredients that make this drug. We have analyzed them and have seen exactly how each ingredient works to achieve the intended results of the drug. These ingredients have also been clinically tested and approved that they work. There is no reason as to why they should not work when they are put together in a capsule.

There are numerous positive reviews seen on the internet and social media from the users, there's even some positive reviews on Amazon. This is an encouraging fact because it shows that you can trust the drug. This does not mean that you should ignore anyone that claims they did not see any results after using the smart drug for a while. It can be true. However, this result could be because of specific reasons and not because the drug does not work.

These are the surest ways to know the product works. It is not because the manufacturers say it works or the affiliate marketers but because of concrete evidence available.


What Are Scientists Saying About This Drug?

As at the moment, it is very difficult to find what scientists are saying about this drug. Even so, there are research studies that show the credibility of some of the ingredients used in this product. The ingredients are safe for consumption and are highly effective for use.

There is also a slight problem in obtaining any scientific researches or studies done concerning this product. What I have found out is that the product is manufactured in FDA approved laboratories.

Overall health supplements are not susceptible to FDA approval furthermore go through FDA assessment on condition that new ingredients are introduced. The manufacturer is liable for testing the safeness and additionally effectiveness before selling a health supplement . SmartX complies with all FDA guidelines and quality specifications for dietary supplements.


The Recommended Dosage For SmartX

The recommended dosage for SmartX supplement is one or two capsules in a day. In the bottle, there are 60 capsules present in a bottle. This means that a bottle can last you at least a whole month.

As stated in the official website, you can get started with 1 at first and then progress up to as high as around 2 supposing if you can manage it. By no means ever take exceeding 4 capsules in a day or 16 in one week. Taking alternate or a couple of days off helps to keep the results freshened and to be even more effective.


Frequently Asked Questions About SmartX

Q: How long will it take for me to feel the effects?

A: The effects will start to manifest after some minutes.

Q: Does this mean that I do not have to study?

A: No way! SmartX will only make learning and to memorize easier. It will not help your brain remember what it does not know. Therefore, you have to study.

Q: Does SmartX offer a ‘money back' guarantee?

A: Yes! Should you, by any chance, need to return this product, you will get your money back. This will only happen if you return it within 30 days.



Which Celebrities Are Using This Drug?

While it is still not known how many celebrities are taking this pill, however there is a testimonial on their official website from Barbara Corcoran, a celebrity businesswoman and TV personality.

SmartX is a brain supplement made available by Cerebral Success. Any of us who’s happened to be following ABC’s program “Shark Tank” in April 2014 could probably recall noticing Cerebral Success’ Founder & CEO showing up on the ABC's TV show and winning some impressive financial funding on “Shark Tank”.

Being on the show brought good impressions for people to try out this pill.


Where To Buy SmartX

You can easily purchase SmartX from their official website. It is easy and straightforward. Just log on to their website and make a purchase

You can also purchase the pills from an affiliate marketer. All you have to do is to ensure that they are trust worthy and that they are not just another bunch of scammers. There are so many fake products going around. If you get scammed, you will be convinced that this drug does not work because you did not see any effects when the actual truth is that they have never used it. In the end, it is still advisable to purchase it from their official website.



Based on my SmartX review, it is safe to note that this is a true brain supplement. This review should convince you enough of its authenticity and its working ability.

Moreover it is fairly reasonably priced taking into account just how high quality the ingredients are not to mention how good the overall effectiveness is.

We’ve also  identified that it really does work effectively, maximizing motivation , memory and focus. Grab few bottles of SmartX now to try it out.