How do you know if you’re travelling in the right direction on your journey with the Law of Attraction?

There are so many possible signs out there … you’ve got to make sure you don’t miss them, or misinterpret the important ones.

1. Gold, First Place

What do they all have in common? The number 1.

That’s right; whether it’s at work, in your social life, or just naturally comes to your mind, the number one holds various meanings.

For some, it can mean a big change is approaching; throwing out the old and bringing in the new. This might be a change in your career path, relationships (friends or lovers), or even at home.

Seeing plenty of the number one, often after a big decision, can generally be interpreted as the universe pushing you in that direction.


2. Wishful number of 11.11


Do you remember making wishes each time it was 11.11am/pm? Well that same number is also a good sign.

It doesn’t have to be the actual time, but represents the right time to act! Whether it’s a decision you’ve been pondering for a few months or has only just came about, it’s time to get a move on.


3. Chills Down the Spine


They might be down the spine or anywhere. It doesn’t always mean someone is walking over your grave, despite what your grandmother might tell you.

It usually means your subconscious is giving off good vibes. Don’t ignore them. Follow your instincts.


4. Premonitions

Have you ever been thinking about someone, and then suddenly they send you a text or call you?

This a good sign of things to come. No matter how little the prediction is; from knowing someone’s about to walk in the door to a simple Facebook post, it often means they’re a positive influence in your life and will guide you in the right direction.


5. All the colours

Everyone loves a rainbow. It means the rain has cleared and the sun is coming out from behind the clouds.

You might have found a solution to a work or family problem. Or maybe you got the rid of those ants in your kitchen.

Or maybe you just feel chipper. Either way, a rainbow means you’re reaching the end of your voyage.


6. Funky cloud movements

When most people look up at the sky, they see nothing. I mean they see clouds, right?

But you see animals. You see dinosaurs. Cats. Aliens. Flying cars.
Do you see something you’ve always wanted? It’s getting closer, don’t give up.


7. Influx of initials

Are you noticing your initials are appearing in more places? That instead of just in your signature, they’re appearing in books, documents and newspapers?

What does that mean? Keep visualising your dreams because they’re getting closer. Similar to seeing a rainbow, it means the end of your voyage is nearing.

There is one more step. And it’s nearly here.


8. Influx of (other) initials

Instead of seeing your initials; you’re seeing other people’s; your friends’ and family members’ initials.

And it’s not just once. It keeps happening and in different places. You and this person are connected on a spiritual level. You might break apart, but you two will always return to each other.


9. Repetitive numbers

Whether it’s in phone numbers, calculators or Excel spreadsheets, seeing the same number again and again is a good sign of things to come.

It means the universe is working in your favour and while that repetitive number might not be the key to winning the lottery, it’ll help you in the path to mindfulness.


10. You’re incredibly calm

Are things that would normal stress you out, not? Do you feel like you’re coping with issues really well?

You’re at peace. It means your wellbeing is stabilising and this mindfulness will continue.


11. Déjà vu … again and again


Do you keep having Déjà vus? You’re being gently pushed in the right direction.

The environment of your Déjà vus will also offer a hint; are they happy or sad events?

Happy ones means you’re heading in the right direction. Sad or ones that make you nervous is the universe’s way of telling you to pause before you continue on your path.

It might be the right voyage – but it’s important to pause, reflect and then continue. Is there something you’re missing? A key step, perhaps?

If your Déjà vus are about the same person, you need to keep that person at the forefront of your mind. They can offer guidance, no matter how simple the advice might seem.

Sometimes you might be required to help them through their journey.


12. Wishes Turned into Reality

If your dreams are coming true, no matter how small, it means everything is going well.

Your journey towards the Law of Attraction will be successful. Don’t let tomorrow’s worries bring you down. You’re nearly there – or even better – you’re there!