The power of subconscious mind is a fascinating thing. Just by thinking optimistically can improve well-being and reduce stress.

It can also boost confidence, and allow you to make stronger relationships with friends and family.

But how can you shift from thinking negative, to always taking the ‘glass half full’ approach?

The answer is re-wiring your brain by getting rid of negativity in your life, helping others, focusing on the positive, and looking after yourself.

With all this, you could even manifest your dreams and attract all the positive things to you like a magnet.

1. Shake It Off

You’ve got to shake off that negativity. Letting yourself be pulled down by toxic friends or family won’t do you any good – even if you think you’re helping them.

Take the same approach for past experiences; break‐ups, traumatic events, etc. Who you are today is a result of everything you’ve been through.

It’s worth looking into mindfulness and Yoga classes, or simply setting a specific time every day when you sit and do absolutely nothing.

Just sit and breathe. Let your mind unwind. Don’t let negative experiences bring you down– you’re strong.


2. Help Others to Help Yourself

Do you believe in Karma? By doing a good deed for someone else, you’re then rewarded in the future.

Well even if you don’t think you’ll get an actual, physical benefit … you will feel better about yourself.

Helping someone else breaks your cycle of negative thinking. It can be anything from helping a parent load shopping into the back of their car, or picking up an item someone dropped.


3. What Makes You Smile?

It’s so easy to think negatively, but by forcing your brain to focus on the positives can make a huge difference to the way you perceive your life.

Grab a notepad and each day; write down just one thing that makes you smile. For example, your dog who greets you with slobber at the end of a hard day at work.

After one month, you’ll have a list of 30 thoughts and feelings that make you happy.

When you’re feeling down, read these to boost your mood.


4. Look after Yourself

Aside from taking care of your mental well-being, it’s vital you have a balanced diet.

You can do all the Yoga in the world … but if you’re eating fast food and soft drink for dinner every night, what’s the point?

The sugar high will make you feel great momentarily, but then you’ll come crashing down and lose all motivation.

Combine exercise with a great diet, including a mix of fruit and vegetables, and you’ll notice your mood will improve.

Exercise doesn’t have to be going to the gym. Go for a 15-minute jog around the block or sit on an exercise ball while watching TV.


5. Make Time

If you’re stuck working 50+ hours a week and not spending any time at home, you might feel disconnected from your family.

While it’s great to have a job you enjoy, don’t overwork yourself.

You might have lots of money by working non-stop, but do you have the time to spend it?

Learn how to say ‘no’. You can’t always do everything. You can’t always manage every project.


6. Gratitude

Be grateful for the small things. The hugs, compliments, family … dogs!

Smile when you’re happy and say please and thank you. Don’t allow people to feel like they’re sub-par to you.

We’re all here for a reason and we all have different purposes.

Be grateful by acknowledging others’ achievements.


7. Blessing in Disguise

To summarise, you need to turn your negative thoughts and experiences into positive ones.

Everything happens for a reason. If you get fired from your job, there might be a new job on the way.

If your partner breaks up with you, it’s likely there’s a new lover out there waiting for you.

Don’t let this negative world bring you down. Have a positive outlook on life and your optimism will flow through to your friends and family.

There are opportunities everywhere, but you need to seek out and find them.

Every negative experience is a blessing in disguise.

You can change your subconscious mind. You can cultivate it so you become a better person.

Make time for the things that count and focus on what makes you smile. You’re here for a long time, but not forever. The time for change is now.