The world is going crazy about the different brain supplements we have today. Who wouldn’t? They are proving to be very effective and dependable. No one would like to be left behind while everyone else is moving forward. With the availability of nootropics, things have become even better.

What Are They?

Nootropics are special kinds of supplements, drugs, or any substance whose primary task in a person’s body is to enhance their cognitive function. This includes a person’s memory, their creativity, their intelligence, and focus. Because of their effects on your brain, they have been labeled as ‘smart drugs.’ The first nootropic to be discovered is called Piracetam. It remains to be the most popular nootropic by a long shot. Over the years, many others were manufactured. This gives you a wide range of options to choose from. However, it is a brilliant choice for any first timer to go with the Piracetam. It has been on the market longer than others. It has also been tested and approved over and over again. This does not discredit other nootropics, but it is safer to go with the ‘original.’

It is important that you also understand nootropics are not charms that turn anyone into a genius simply because you have ingested them. It does not work like that. You will still need to expose yourself to learning environments and work hard. You will still need to be keen as you learn.

What Nootropics Will Help You With

Taking of nootropics is more than just looking for a memory boost as many people do. There are many purposes for using nootropics. Also, depending on the purpose of use, the type of nootropic used will have to be carefully selected. These purposes are as follows.

Memory Boost

Nootropics have long been used to treat people with cognitive impairments. Other healthy individuals, both young and old have used nootropics for this purpose also. Students are greatly turning to nootropics for academic excellence. The effects have been amazing, and the results are always encouraging.

Mood And Depression

It is not a funny experience when you undergo mental depression or find yourself in a bad mood always. These two will impact an individual negatively. It will affect their general productivity as well. Those around me have used it, and I have witnessed their working ability first hand. When depression threatens to take away your life, you can trust these supplements to restore life back to you and keep you in charge.

Attention And Focus

This is my favorite thing about nootropics. I know what it is to be poor at staying attentive and never being able to maintain your focus. All that is a thing of the past. Nootropics will work wonders for you. With an increased attention, your learning processes will be easier without a doubt. Nootropics are administered to people with a low attention span, and they are very effective. Sometimes, it is more than just having a low concentration span but still being brilliant because that is possible. However, your potentials will never be fully realized because of this.


Nootropics have proved to be very reliable and effective in dealing with anxiety. Anxiety can cause one’s productivity to be questioned. Their quality of life will also drop drastically. Anxiety can hold your entire future in bondage. The best supplements to free you are nootropics. They always promote the feeling of calmness and help you deal with stressful situations that may lead to anxiety.  They stimulate a sense of well being.


Nootropics have been known to improve the general well-being of an individual. They make the brain function optimally at all times. When one grows old, their brain function is affected. Nootropics keep your mind in great condition and improve your cognitive function which can keep you from aging effects.

How They Work

Now you that Nootropics can enhance your cognitive function. But how exactly do they work to produce the results they do?

  1. Nootropics can regulate the behavior of the neurotransmitters and receptors present in the brain. These two are responsible for controlling the brain and all the functions it performs. Because of the control that the Nootropics have, they are capable of causing you to retain information quickly and enhance your learning abilities.
  2. The Nootropics can increase the levels of acetylcholine in the brain. This is the most crucial transmitter in the brain responsible for the retention of information, enhance learning, and affect your mood.
  3. There are those that enhance the stimulation of the production of nerve growth factor. All this enhances the growth and development of brain cells and especially the dendrites of the cells. This enhances a person’s communication of impulses.
  4. Some serve the purpose of increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain. We all know that when the brain is well supplied with oxygen, it works optimally.

The Nootropics Grouping

Nootropics are divided into three primary groups. This grouping is centered on their functions. These groups are :


These are Nootropics that serve to stimulate the brain and make it extremely alert. When the brain is alert, a person’s concentration becomes excellent. They also enhance the brain’s tolerance to stress. The effects of stimulants last longer as compared to those in the other categories.


Recatams are the nootropics that augment the brain’s functionality. They increase the levels of acetylcholine in the brain which in turn affects your mood, memory, and focus.


These are foods that have content which brings forth the effects of racetams and stimulants. However, they can only do so much. They are limited. Even so, consuming them regularly and in large quantities may cause them to work even better.

How To Take Nootropics

There are numerous Nootropics in the market. Therefore, no specific dosage applies to all the Nootropics. If is therefore vital to consider the things that affect the dosage of a Nootropic.

Their strength: different brands of nootropics and different types of nootropics vary in their strength. Those that are very strong can be taken once or twice a day while those that are not so strong can be spread across a person’s day. The maximum number of times being four times.

Their bioavailability: this is simply the fraction of the nootropic that will be absorbed into the body, making its way to the brain and effect change.

How you are stacking the nootropics: when you use a single nootropic the dosage will be different as compared to when you are stacking it with other compounds.

The half-life of the nootropic: this is the time the drug takes to wear off. If the half-life of the nootropic is long, you may take two doses at an interval of twelve hours. When the half-life is short, then the number of times you will take the nootropic will be increased in a day. The dosages will be smaller.

Your sensitivity: your level of sensitivity to any nootropic will determine the dosage that you will need.

All these factors apply to the kind of nootropic you will choose. However, generally speaking, most of the nootropics’ dosage is usually between two and three times a day. For clarity, check for information on the manual under ‘dosage.’

If the nootropic comes as a powder, you can make the capsule for yourself. All you will need is a milligram scale and a capsule kit. Ensure you buy the top qualities products for high degrees of accuracy.

What You Need To Know About Nootropic Stacks

When you hear someone saying they have their special stack, what they typically mean is that they have their combination of nootropics that they use for maximum effect. Stacking up nootropics is a very safe practice that yields maximum benefits. Just because it is for your brain does not mean that mixing things up a little bit will fry your brains. When it comes to stacking your nootropics, it is vital that you have a few details to work with and especially when you are dealing with a custom stack. 

Custom Stacks

This is a nootropic stack that you design by yourself. This means that you have to get all the facts right. Developing a custom stack means that you get the freedom to choose what you want as part of your supplement. Some of the things that you can consider while developing your stack are as follows.

Maintaining Simplicity

This is particularly for beginners in the game of using nootropics. I am sure that you want to experience the effects as soon as you begin using the nootropics. However, avoid the temptation of combining many supplements at once. You are still learning about nootropics. It is, therefore, a very wise idea that you introduce a new compound one at a time. This is the safest way. Take your time to research on the supplement before adding it to your stack. As you add a supplement, pay attention to how your body responds to it. Take some time and then add another compound. If adding a compound at a time seems too slow, add at most two supplements at a time. If you are a pro at using nootropics, then you can handle a combination of many compounds at the same time. Also, note that you can always adjust your stack when you do not like the results you are seeing.

Have A Defined Purpose

When your purpose for using the supplement is defined, you will know what you need to purchase. These nootropics are used for numerous purposes. Therefore, have a clear purpose. Are you looking forward to increasing you information retention abilities? Do you want to increase your mental alertness? Are you looking to relieve yourself from stress and anxiety? You need to know your drive. With this in mind, do a self-evaluation and decide. Identify that weakness that needs addressing and address it effectively.

Go For Supplements With Different Action Mechanism

There is no point in mixing up products that work the same way. At least that is my perspective as that of many others. Different nootropics work differently but achieve the same purpose. Choosing such supplements diversifies everything. This way, you will be able to cover greater ground and experience a wider range of effects other than the main effect.

Preformulated Stacks

If you are not too confident about developing your custom stacks, then this is your better option. Purchase an already formulate stack. These supplements are already combined by the manufacturers and are made in capsules. The best thing about this choice is that it is convenient. You no longer have to worry about now knowing something or combining them in a wrong way. All that worry is for the manufacturers. Your work is to stick to the dosage. They are also a time saver. Typically, when working with a custom stack, you will have to do all the weighing and mixing which is time-consuming. With this kind of stack comes responsibility. Remember, it is not about buying any pre-formulated stack. This has everything to do with what you need if for. Ensure that you research about the compounds of a stack before picking the one. Ensure that what you are using will serve the purpose it is meant for. Also, ensure that you purchase them from well-known manufacturers. This is your brain; one of the crucial organs. You cannot afford to mess around with uncertified products.

Where To Purchase Your Nootropics

You can buy these supplements from suppliers like Absorb Health, Pure Nootropics, Nootropics Depot, Ceretropic, and Amazon. These are trusted suppliers and very credible.


In conclusion, before you set your mind to start using nootropics, have all the necessary information. Have a clear purpose for what you want to achieve and carry out your research. Look at every supplement available out there before you make a decision to settle on one.

You can trust these nootropics because they work. I know because I use them.