A nootropic is a medical drug that is used or consumed purposefully for the reasons of enhancing memory, make learning processes easier, or improve other cognitive functions.  All these features of nootropics help in improving the quality of life that an individual will live.

While many myths are going around concerning nootropics, they are nothing more than that; myths

They are neither accurate nor factual. They can only mislead a person.

Nootropics are used by individuals for so many reasons, and they vary. Even so, when administered to take care of a certain problem, the drug will always work. Because of their exquisite effects, many myths or ideas surround them which have led to a lot of confusions as concerns their use and their effects on the lives of beginners. In understanding nootropics better and their functions, therefore, we are going to dive into some of the most common myths and debunk or falsify them-

You Will Be A Success In A Blink Of An Eye.

If you are looking for a shortcut towards success by using this drug, then you are in for a big disappointment. Nootropics are not charms or magic drugs that perform miracles. They work in a process and over a period. Using nootropics regularly would surely enhance your memory, improve your vitality and even help your focus on any endeavor more intently but these will not automatically make you a millionaire of a sort or a genius from nowhere just like that. Let no one lie to you to convince you of purchasing the drug.

Nootropics Are Backed Up With Scientific Evidence

There is a lot of talks around nootropics also known as smart drugs that could convinced you that there is strong scientific evidence to back up the practicality of these drugs. This has led to the reason why a huge number of people are jumping over them even though a lot is yet to be known or discovered on how much a nootropic impacts the brain. There is a lot that is left to be desired scientifically.

As Long As You Use Nootropics, You Do Not Have To Keep Up With Healthy Living

No matter how packed your work schedule could be, living on coffee most of the days is not the best way to go in the quest of saving time to work. You must be careful of relying on smart drugs for enhancement of performance because at a point this might just go wrong or simply backfire. Nootropics or smart drugs must never be a replacement for a healthy living, which includes enough sleep, exercise, and a healthy standard eating pattern.

When healthy living lacks in your lifestyle, do not expect too much result from the use of the smart drugs too. Nootropics majorly enhance they should never be a replacement.

You Can Start Using The Drugs Whenever You Wish And At Any Time

As a beginner in the utilization of these smart drugs, it is assumed that is it okay to start using any drug for enhancement, but that is not the right thing to do. You should not go that direction.  Instead, start using lighter and relatively safer nootropic like herbals in small dosages daily.  How about starting with bulletproof coffee? You can also start with only one nootropic before you jump to designing a stack for yourself.  If you are highly convinced about using a stack of nootropics, then go for a pre-formulated stack.

They Are Only For Disability Free Individuals

Another wide spread belief about nootropics is that it can only work when your thinking faculties are soberly working but just fatigued due to pressure or stress. This may sound and even look true, but it is so far from the truth. Studies show that moderate usage or dosage of the smart drug Piracetam by dyslexic students on a very regular pattern would trigger off understanding and analytical skills.

They Are Fad.

Another myth about nootropics is that they are the ‘in thing’ now. This is not a fact or the truth. For many thousand years past, Adaptogens (natural / herbal drugs that enhance and help the body adapt from stress to focus), have been used as major memory boosters or enhancers. For instance, Ashwagandha is one of such Adaptogens which has been used in India as a traditional drug as a cognitive booster, and it is still being used widely. Piracetam is another smart drug or nootropic found in the early 60s and still being used up to date.

They Do Not Give A Sense Of Euphoria

At the beginning of the user’s dosage, one is left feeling high morally, but a slight miscalculation regarding the use of a particular nootropic could lead you to an end that was not expected or anticipated. These seemingly ‘harmless’ smart drugs can lead and leave someone hallucinating and quite euphoric.

You Will Get An Instant Gratification

This is another myth that needs to be debunked. As a beginner in the consumption of nootropics, it could erroneously be thought that after the fast dosage one gets to feel ‘something’ immediately, but this might not be the case for everyone though. To get a great and full result of a smart drug, be disciplined to stay with one for at least one month.

Your expectations should be moderated because the results are also dependent on your physical fitness, brain function, and even age, so time may vary from as little as results being felt in an hour’s time after consumption to as many as 15 days and even beyond.

Any One Of Any Age Can Use Them

It is a false belief that any smart drug or nootropic work with anyone of any age but the truth is some nootropics work maximally with and for younger people while others work well with aging brains.

Piracetam is best for the elderly for example as compared to Modafinil that is best for young and healthy adults.


These drugs can be life changing when used according to dosage in sharpening your focus and retaining vitality. Just be careful to separate the myths and reality before you go for the purchase of any of these nootropics.