Hi! I'm Josh W, the creator of SmartOBrain.com and also a personal development fan who is just starting out his journey in self-development.

I am constantly looking for ways to improve and unlock my latent qualities or abilities.

Recently I discovered my passion and purpose to help others achieve their highest potential in life.

I've also considering to become a Life Coach in future as I found that helping others with their personal growth brings a lot more meaning in life.

Originally, I was a very pessimistic person who looks at everything in a negative perspective and struggling with challenges that came along my way in daily life. This kind of mindset made me feel even more stressfull and depressed.

I felt like a total failure..

One day I realized that this is going nowhere and can't continue to live on like this.

I began to read and search online about articles and programs that would help me in my personal growth.

As you can imagine, I’ve had my pick of programs. And now there are more out there than you can poke a stick at.

As for motivational speakers, the market is crowded with them.

They sell their services and tout their programs, offering you the key to a new future or secret affirmations that will turn your life from drab to fab in just 14 days.

But have they worked? Some have. Most of them simply, do not work.

But after the first flush of enthusiasm, hope flew out the window. I was left feeling disillusioned and inadequate.

After all, they say – in one way or another, “If I can do it, anyone can.” I felt that I was the exception that proved the rule.

Having experiencing this first hand, I felt that I didn't want others to waste their precious time and money on stuff that doesn't really work.

My mission now is to explore various methods, programs & supplements based on self-improvement/ brain health(Positivity, Manifestation, Law of Attraction, Productivity, Nootropics, etc) and then share what I have learned in this process with my readers and I'm loving it!

I'm also planning to study and explore other spiritual techniques for personal development which includes lucid dreaming, astral travel, psychic abilities, meditations, yoga, hypnotism etc. (I'll keep you updated)

My hope is that my struggles, experiences and discoveries that have allowed me to effectively grow personally can help others going through the same struggles.